O’Betty’s is proudly located in the Cameron building, the smallest building in Uptown Athens, at 15 West State Street, just a few feet from Court Street.
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Metered parking is available around the shop, or at the parking garage located just a little more than a block up the way. (A quarter buys 30 minutes at the meters.)

More about the Cameron Building:
Originally built as a barber shop, the Cameron building has been the home of many—always unique—well known Athens eateries such as Seven Sauces, The Strawberry Patch, The Korean Restaurant, DV8, The Redbud Cafe, and finally and lastly, O'Betty's.


O’Betty’s is open seven days a week, except of course for the major holidays. Our hours are:

  • Monday–Saturday, 11 a.m.–3 a.m.
  • Sunday, Noon–8 p.m.
Occasionally we may be closed because of breaks in the Ohio University academic calendar to catch up on maintenance or small remodeling projects. So, if you are traveling to visit us, please call first. We don’t want to miss you! Our phone number is 740-589-6111.
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  • Call us at 740-589-6111
  • Send us an email at obettysredhot@gmail.com
  • Our mailing address is: 15 West State Street, Athens, Ohio, 45701

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Our Crew

A huge part of O’Betty’s success can be attributed to our great employees. Captained from the beginning by "Remarkable" Ryan Stolz and manager "Colossal" Kory Fuller, O’Betty’s has been blessed with hard-working team players who appreciate and contribute to our non-corporate, community-based work ethic and philosophy. Our employees are proud to serve you and assure a super O’Betty’s experience.

A giant thanks goes out to our opening crew that very first year who helped lock in our success especially Dawna, Dianna, Chloe, Joe B., Dave, Emily, Brant, Ryan, Kory and Karen.

obettys photo of employees

The Story of O'Betty's!

obettys athens ohioO’Betty’s opened and was enthusiastically received with rave reviews in June 2003.

From the beginning O’Betty’s has always been about great food, a great experience, a great fun environment in a great community. Our plan is to keep you comin’ back for more and it’s working. Here’s why. We do it right.

We use only premium ingredients in preparation of our menu items. Our hotdogs are grilled 100% all beef dogs in natural casings from Ohio. No fillers, never frozen, robustly seasoned, they “snap” when you bite into them, and are served in toasted and steamed honey buns. Our many varied toppings and sauces are all homemade using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible.

Our French Fries are done Old World Style. They are worth the labor. HAND-CUT DAILY using fresh russets, the fries are then soaked in water to remove the starches - THEN fried twice to order, insuring a crisp fresh, golden tasty Fry. This is not fast food.

Our commitment to quality extends to our other premium sandwiches, sides, and community as well. We always have on hand and use local products which enhance our fare as well as highlight Athens producers. (See links).

Finally, your culinary experience will take place in our wonderfully enchanting dining rooms. While being amazed that a hot dog could taste so good, you’ll be captivated by our homage to the Great Burlesque Stars, past and present, and by our Wonderful Wacky Hot Dog Museum housing hundreds of wild hot dog items some never before seen!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on in!

Athens News - Best of Athens Readers' Choice Awards * Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant (Second Place, 2008) * Best Hot Dog category was dropped from 2008 awards! * Best Server - Kory Fuller (Runner up, 2007) * Best Hot Dog (First Place, 2007) * Best Hot Dog (First Place, 2006) * Best Hot Dog (First Place, 2005) * Best Hot Dog (First Place, 2004) * Best New Restaurant (First Place, 2004) * Best New Business (First Place, 2004) * Best Late-Night Eats (Second Place, 2004) * Best Local Business Name (Third Place, 2004) * Most Unique Athens Restaurant (Third Place, 2004)